Rise Vision: Fire OS Changes

Digital Signage

Amazon recently launched Fire OS 8, which introduces system-level changes. These changes have made it challenging to use any digital signage software on the latest models. 

If you’re using a Fire OS 8 device for digital signage currently, you can still use the device, but there are additional steps required. 

The changes to Fire OS 8 have disabled every apps’ ability to auto-launch on a Fire Stick or Fire TV, including Rise Vision. We recommend users disable the default Restart Daily from the display’s settings so that Rise Vision remains on all the time.

Ready to fire the Fire Sticks? There are options! 

We understand that when large technology providers like Amazon make unexpected changes like this it can be difficult for organizations to navigate. We are available to discuss options and transition onto a long term solution that fits within your budget constraints.

Check out our list of alternative media player recommendations and please reach out to us with any questions. 

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