NTP is the K12TechPro Diamond Partner

Chris here with news to share. Just wanted to speak on NTP’s partnership really quick. We’re proud and excited to announce that NTP is our first ever DIAMOND PARTNER. This means great things for K12TechPro in 2024. It’s a lot to unpack, but…

Regional Meetups are happening. Midwest, West, and Southwest dates and locations are here and registration is open! More dates/locations will be announced down the road.

Midwest – Columbia, MO – March 7th and 8th, 2024

West – San Diego, CA – April 19th, 2024

Southwest – Dallas, TX – May 31st, 2024

Working with NTP means K12TechPro is leveling up its cybersecurity. We’ve been talking about this under the Cybersecurity Talk and the weekly Vitals. We’re working on standards to follow, guides to use, articles to read, Community members to identify as specialists, special pricing, and more.

K12TechPro is here for you. Are you under a ransomware attack and want some pizza to get your team through the night? We might actually help with that. Need more than pizza (AKA advice, resources)? Let us know. Is your team underpaid and want us to research salaries in your area? Okay. Want Eric the Intern to ask your area supers for a meeting to talk about those salaries? Let’s go. Is there a draft of a law that our Community disagrees with? Let’s flip some tables. This partnership is all about doing things for the good of the cause for K12 Tech Depts.

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