Google Admin App Access Control

This was a hot topic on the K12 Tech Talk Podcast as well as in the K12TechPro Community. Google has announced that you need to confirm your third-party app settings by October 23rd, 2023. What’s with these settings you ask? They are the ones that control which third-party apps your users can sign in to with their Google account and what data those apps can request.

What apps are we talking about you ask? You can get to App Access Control in Google Admin Console by going to Security, Access and data control, API Controls, Manage Third Party App Access. From here, you can allow or block allow applications. Blocking will immediately stop any “Sign in with Google” screens from working (Side note – It does not delete logs.). Get ready. You might see a bunch of apps you want to block. I.E. TikTok, McDonald’s, Uber, OnlyFans.

If you want to see what users are using what apps, you can take the App ID and plug it into the OAuth Log Events search tool at Reporting, Audit and Investigation, OAuth log events. Make sure to specifically choose “Application ID” when adding a filter. (Side note – Thanks to Garrett from the K12TechPro Community for the write-up posted there on this.).

Now, back to the October stuff, what’s the main thing you ask? Starting October 23rd, 2023, users designated as under 18 won’t be able to sign in to third-party apps you haven’t confirmed. Check out this link for information from Google. Also, watch the below video. We all have some choices to make and some work to do.

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