Community Membership

Ready to join the best K12 Tech Dept community on the planet? Here’s the application! What do you get with a 1 year subscription? Here’s the scoop:

  • Vetting. We don’t let just anyone in. Only K12 techs get over the wall. We use your application and downright detective work to verify you work in K12 tech. We are literally paying a person to help us with this process. This is important to us. You can trust that you are with K12 techs when you join. No supers, no plain Jane teachers, no middle schoolers, just K12 tech depts…
  • Access to K12TechPro Tech Talks. These are message boards for the K12 tech dept hats we wear. I.E. Director, EdTech, and more.
  • Access to K12TechPro Water Coolers. What’s a Water Cooler? Join to find out, but basically it’s real-time chat. Communicate with other K12 techs. I.E. Esports Water Cooler is comprised of a bunch of K12 techs that talk about Esports at their schools. MO Tech Talk are a bunch of techs from Missouri.
  • Article Discussion. All of the articles on are discussed in more detail in a group setting.
  • K12TechTalk Podcast Discussion. As podcast episodes are released, there’s discussion in more detail in a group setting.
  • Calendar. Access the K12TechPro calendar and see what special events are on the horizon.
  • Swag. You will receive an item of swag for joining the K12TechPro community. We mail it to you.
  • And more. We can’t reveal everything, but we promise it’s full of professional development for K12 tech depts.

A 1 year subscription is $10/month or $120/year. We can bill you however you want (Credit Card is cool, but we know schools like POs, so POs and Invoices are not a problem. Yes, we can send you a W9 and we can fill out whatever vendor info you need. We’re legit. And yes, we think this is a great use of PD money you might have.). We also try to have sponsorships available for those who might not have easy access to funding.

Please fill out the application, then the vetting process will begin. Vetting can typically take up to 3 days, but sometimes can be done super fast. Once approved, we will set up your billing, and you’ll be all set. We’re excited you’re here! đź‘Ź Our community is what makes K12TechPro, MidwestTechTalk, and the K12TechTalk podcast so great. We’re proud of the K12 Tech Dept community!