growth minded

Advocating for Growth-minded K-12 Tech Departments

In the ever-evolving landscape of K-12 education, technology has become a cornerstone for student success. Behind the scenes, dedicated K-12 tech work tirelessly to ensure … Read more

K12 AI Guardrails Discussion

Josh and Mark of the K12 Tech Talk podcast discuss AI in K12… Thoughts? Opinion? Agree? Disagree?

Small Schools and K12techpros: Armies of One

SMALL SCHOOL CHALLENGES I recently had the opportunity to hang out with 300 of my Missouri (and surrounding states) K-12 technology friends at the Midwest … Read more

Reddit K12sysadmin and K12TechPro

We’ve got some exciting news to share and wanted to make sure you’ve heard it from us (and some of you have already read about … Read more

Lakota Cybersecurity Academy

Primary and secondary schools are in the business of preparing students for their future and ensuring that students have a good “jumping off point” into … Read more

Restricting International Access in Google

Context-Aware Access in Google Admin Console has been around for awhile, but it still seems underused and new to me. There are some good scenarios … Read more

Google Admin App Access Control

This was a hot topic on the K12 Tech Talk Podcast as well as in the K12TechPro Community. Google has announced that you need to … Read more

Artificial Intelligence

Can AI add an FTE to your office for free?

What if you had the power of another employee in your office … for free? Well, maybe that’s a bit of a stretch, but what … Read more

Q&A with Chris from K12TechPro

The new K12TechPro Community is here. Here’s a Q&A with Chris about it: Q: Missouri already has a good community of K12 tech depts. Why … Read more


Announcing K12TechPro Community

Announcing the new K12TechPro Community. A place for K12 techs to chat, network, share resources, and maybe have some fun! Click here to learn more.