Recently, school districts around the world have adopted 1:1 device programs to keep students learning while unforeseen events force school closures. But many of these initiatives were created under tight deadlines, leaving educators and IT leaders without much visibility or control over students’ devices. Our research found that missing devices are a major challenge for 41% of schools. 20% of endpoints have gone dark. And audits loom, where visibility is necessary to prove the impact of IT investments on learning outcomes.

The challenge of managing and securing multiple device types and operating systems —
remotely — has made schools easy targets, with outdated OS versions and inconsistent
patching resulting in ever-widening security gaps. Use of online collaboration tools
and remote desktop protocols has skyrocketed — increasing the risks of a ransomware

Absolute Software, embedded in the BIOS by all major PC manufactures, enables K12
IT leaders to remotely monitor and manage their entire fleet, ensuring the effectiveness
and safety of remote learning programs. Districts rely on Absolute to track devices, flag
risks, and automate endpoint security — controls, apps, and agents — to safeguard
online learning.

Problem: An Increasingly Complex IT Environment
Remote learning creates new challenges. With limited resources and budget, IT and
Security teams are faced with obstacles that must be managed remotely.

IT Asset Management
• Unable to locate, track and manage all devices — regardless of platform — from a
single, cloud-based console
• It’s hard to manage device collection while physical distancing measures remain in
• No way to recover missing devices
• No way to measure student device usage
• No way to verify what students are doing online and how much time is spent in
online learning

• Failing security controls like encryption, outdated anti-malware, and vulnerable OS
versions create a risk of cyberattacks
• Remote helpdesk challenges increase when devices cannot be accessed physically
• No way to enforce updates and configurations on off-network devices
• Unknown personal data on endpoints creates the risk of non-compliance with CIPA

Absolute for K-12 Education

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