K12TechPro – By K12 Tech Pros, for K12 Tech Pros? Yes, it’s true! This website is for the K12 Tech Dept community.

Some backstory:

Before K12TechPro, there was MOTechTalk. MOTechTalk was a highly technical two day conference event with School District Technology Departments in Missouri in mind. Every detail was planned by folks who work for School District Technology Departments in Missouri. NOT an instructional tech conference – A Tech Department conference. MOTechTalk grew and other states’ K12 Tech Depts started to show up. So, it became MidwestTechTalk. MidwestTechTalk is a highly technical two day conference event with School District Technology Departments in the Midwest in mind (We get it; one word changed.). Then, it too grew. We added the MidwestTechTalk Security Symposium into the mix. The Security Symposium is one-day K-12 technology cybersecurity conference event. MidwestTechTalk has attendee membership and sponsor membership now as well.

In the middle of all the MidwestTechTalk stuff, Josh Bauman and Chris Warden of the MidwestTechTalk planning committee started the K12 Tech Talk podcast, comprised of weekly episodes concerning all things/issues/trends in K12 technology. It also has grown.

And now we/you are here! This is K12TechPro. We believe this is final piece for the podcast, the conferences, and the K12 Tech Dept community to come together well. Josh and Chris are here. Jay Roussin and Eric Martin, also of the MidwestTechTalk planning committee, are here – whipping up articles and legit website stuff. Content from the podcast will be posted here in detail. Content from the conferences will be posted here as well. Sponsors we (and the K12 Tech Dept community) believe in will be sponsors here. And yes, YOU are here. We hope you’ll get plugged in and stay for awhile. Our community is what makes K12TechPro, MidwestTechTalk, and the K12 Tech Talk podcast so great! Technology Departments from around the Midwest and beyond step up to present sessions, give feedback, create content, and engage in other activities to keep improving and growing. We’re proud of the K12 Tech Dept community.